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dofus:guide to soul stones

Have you ever hunted for an elusive drop only to spend countless hours in battles with little results? How about waited for monsters to re-spawn in remote locations? How about the hours it takes to repeatedly run dungeons looking for drops? Or, trying to find the perfect group with the perfect drop level for an item?
If you have answered yes to any of these questions I have a solution for you. The solution is to capture the fight!
Capture a fight! Here is how: First you must have the spell, Soul Capture. Once you have the spell you can buy soul stones to fill.
Where do you get the spell? Well, since this is not a spell you can purchase, you have to earn it by completing Bulb Cave dungeon. After defeating the last room you can talk to Bulbig and he will give you the spell.
Bulb Cave Dungeon
This dungeon has a rating of medium and can be a little tricky in room four where there are only two starting spots and high neutral resistant monsters. Another annoyance in this room is the disappearing grass snakes, always nice to have someone who can locate them on your team or enough health points to out wait their dissimilation spell.
Room five is a puzzle room. You will need to make sure your main group has gathered as one prior to opening the gate. To complete the puzzle, one person will need to move into the light at which time they will appear on the next screen. Once in the centre of the moot, the rest of the team needs to use the regular exit. When you see the team arrive, step on the trigger to open the gates and run like a bugger to get back before the gates close. While you are running, your team can start the fight, holding it open until you join in dofus.

Okay you have finished the dungeon and learned your new spell, so what''s next?
Like any spell, you have the option of raising its level to a maximum of six. Your spell will need slight leveling by using a few of your spell points (try to have one spell point set aside). At level one you have a single turn after cast to deliver the fatal blow to the last monster. It is recommended to level the spell to at least level two. This way you are safe if you have a critical failure or the monster decides to run. At level two you will have two turns to deal the fatal blow.
Soul Stones
There is a large variety of stones you can purchase to use. These stones will vary according to maximum mob level and reliability.
Here are the types and sizes:
Stone Type Reliability
Hazardous 25%
Regular 50%
Happy 75%
Perfect 100%
You get what you pay for in terms of reliability of the stones and prices may vary depending on the server you are playing on. Soul stones can be purchased at either the Bontarian or Brakmarian arenas and used at the same locations.

Each stone category has six sub categories or sizes. The size determines the maximum monster level the stone can hold. For example, if the biggest monster in the group you are fighting is level 180 you will need to use a stone with a minimum level of 200.
Size Max. Monster Level
Small 50
Average 100
Big 150
Huge 200
Giga 500
Sublime 2000
Perfect stones differ slightly in the levels:
Size Max. Monster Level
Small 50
Average 100
Big 150
Huge 200
Giga 500
Gargan 2000
The Perfect stones are part of the Eternal Harvest Quest. You can start the quest by talking to Otomai''s assistant (more on this another time). The size of the stones he gives you will depend on the monsters he wants you to collect.
Now you have purchased a stone or two, caught a few monsters, now what?
Enter the arena to one of four fight areas. Each map has its pros and cons depending on what you are fighting. The most popular screens seem to be top left closely followed by top right. Be aware that these areas can get fairly laggy.

To use the stone you can either double click on it from your backpack, click on it then click use or double click on it from you items menu on the lower left of your screen (if you have previously placed it there of course).
A few things to remember:
Arenas are located in aligned cities. If a member of your hunting party is not neutral or aligned with the city you intend to fight the soul at, he or she may have difficulty getting to the arena. Even with their characters'' wings down the city guards will aggro and tend to have a huge aggression range. If they dare venture into the city with their characters'' wings up the potential for aggression rises and if they lose the fight will wind up in the city jail cells... Be wary.
Lock your fight. There tends to be a large number of players who will hang out in the arenas jumping fights. If they jump your fight and you allow them to stay, they will not only get a portion of the fight experience points, but also a share in the fight drops. This would suck if you were looking for an elusive drop item, such as the ever coveted Gelano, and the person to win the drop was an uninvited guest. All of your hard work would have been for someone else''s benefit. Yes, there are a few honest players who would begrudgingly give you the drop but unfortunately there are those who would not, so be safe.
If you have any problem, plz visit or
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dofus:guide to soul stones
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